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Willie says it is a life saver—Biometrics

Tyler sat down with Willie and West Hills Personal Trainer James Jackson (JimmyJamm) to talk about their experience with Biometrics. Willie became interested in Biometrics after a doctor's visit, where he found out his AC1, for Diabetes, was off the charts. He called JimmyJamm to ask about West Hill's Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness program. Jimmy referred him to talk with Tyler about the program.

Tyler sat down with Willie to customized a meal plan that would maximize his preferences. Six weeks later, and with a lot of hard work, he has lost two inches off his waist and is looking forward to his next doctor's visit to see how his numbers compare. "It's almost like Christmas. I can't wait to see her." "The program is a lifesaver," Willie exclaimed.

"The meal plan is phenomenal. It's a meal plan I will probably use for the rest of my life." Along with the meal plan the program incorporates strength training focusing on losing fat. When Willie was shown what five pounds of fat looked like, he said, "This here tells it all." He jokingly stated. "Do the Biometrics program. Honestly! If you are not satisfied, I will refund your money." "I'm a believer...this is the real deal." It wasn't easy. Willie was new to strength training—this program worked every muscle from his head to his toes. "You have to have the ambition and dedication to do it," said JimmyJam, but that the results are worth it. Willie recommends anyone with a health issue to try West Hill's Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness program. "The program is a lifesaver." 

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