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Terms and Conditions

Photo of members participating in spin class.

I understand that by signing my name on the West Hills membership application, I waive and release all claims for losses and damages I may have against West Hills Athletic Club, Western Michigan University, its president, Board of Trustees, staff and employees, and any and all persons or organizations involved in any way. I assume the risk of any physical problems which may develop as a result of my participation, and waive and release all parties listed above from any liability thereof. I understand that I am not required to work out at West Hills Athletic Club, but do so voluntarily.

Conduct which violates any of the rules or procedures of West Hills, the use of foul, loud or slanderous language, the harassing, molesting, or soliciting of members or guests and any other conduct, which could cause injury to the member or other persons, damage to the property of West Hills or other persons or damage to the reputation of West Hills may result in immediate termination of membership by West Hills. Termination for such cause will result in forfeiture of all fees paid and unpaid fees under any deferred payment will be then immediately due and payable.

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