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Member Spotlight: Tracy Morton

Photograph of Tracy Morton, facing the camera with her arms folded across her chest in an accomplished stance.I couldn’t help but be excited when I sat down with Tracy Morton as she shared her personal experience regarding her involvement in West Hills group fitness classes. Her enthusiasm was contagious.

Four years ago she was 70 pounds heavier and was plagued by high blood pressure that was difficult to control. Tracy is heavily involved in West Hills group fitness classes, including Grit, RPM, Flow, Sprint, Body Pump, CxWorx and Step. “The classes provide the accountability I need, and pushes me to do better.” The instructors are welcoming and motivating.” Tracy has made her health and fitness a priority, which proved to be key to her success. “My commitment to these classes has been a game changer, it has changed my life, I sleep better, have more energy, and just have a more positive outlook on life."

The excitement in her voice described the passion that she has for fitness. Tracy is at the gym at least six times a week sometimes twice a day. She shares her success with the instructors and other friends she takes the classes with “Fitness is a journey...stay in the fight!”“they keep me moving.” She goes on to say “don’t be afraid to try something new, the first step is to show up and try it, anyone can do it, we are all capable.” Tracy has a grasp on the blood pressure issues and is even in the process of weaning the medication all together. Thank you Tracy for the inspiration and positive energy you bring to West Hills!

Thank you Tracy for the inspiration and positive energy you bring to West Hills!

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