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Member Spotlight: Natalie Moyer

Natalie Moyer playing tennis.My name is Natalie Moyer. I am 18 years old and have been a member at West Hills for as long as I can remember, but for tennis reasons. I had never seriously started working out until a few years ago and I cannot imagine my life without it. I had a goal to play division 1 tennis and I knew with weak legs and bad footwork that would never be possible. I started training on and off with Dre, but never went out of my way to work out on my own. Finally a couple years back, I came to realize if I didn’t give it my all, I wouldn’t reach my goals in tennis. I began to schedule training with Dre 2-3 times a week and workout the other days on my own, with an occasional rest day. I’ve been sticking with this now for a long time and believe it or not, actually began to enjoy working out! I saw major improvements in my game right away. The agility was very helpful and overall strength was a big advantage. People would even comment and say things like, “Wow! You’ve gotten so much faster.”

Last fall, I had finally achieved my goal, and signed to play tennis at Xavier University. The journey did not stop there however. I just won the state championship for Hackett in number one singles. I will continue to come in and train as much as I can. I really owe Dre for pushing me and giving me the relevant workouts for pushing me where I needed to be, but also to myself for motivating myself enough to get into the gym, even when I felt like napping. I have had an incredible experience at WHAC, and won’t ever forget where I first started gaining my strength to become a Division One athlete.

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