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Member Spotlight: Laurel Hyames Sayre

Laurel and Dre.Come rain or shine (or snow) you can always expect to see Laurel upstairs on the fitness floor. Nothing stops her from working out at West Hills, including a fresh 6 inches of snow.  She will be 90 this May and just purchased her first SUV so a little snow can’t keep her home. She gets up at 4 a.m. to start her day and arrives at West Hills by 6: 15 a.m., Monday through Friday.

Years ago, she decided to join West Hills because of the indoor track; however, it did not take her long to start personal training and participating in Yoga. She laughs, “I am almost 90 and everything still works.” Laurel also mentioned that it is not uncommon for her to be the one who is up and moving getting something for someone else, not the other way around. She loves coming to West Hills and it’s not difficult to see the amount of friends she has made here. One member describes her as a “beacon of light.”

Dre has been training Laurel for many years. “Dre has me do different exercises I wouldn’t normally do on my own, he challenges me while understanding my limitations.” Laurel, worked in sales and said it is very natural for her to convince fellow members into trying new things, like Yoga. She said between personal training and Yoga the benefits are endless. “Some of the people I have referred to Yoga are now addicted,” she said with amusement. “When I leave West Hills I cannot help but feel lucky and recharged.”

Thank you Laurel for the inspiration and positive energy you bring to West Hills!

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