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Member Spotlight: Bret Wagner

Bret Wagner with his trainer

I was inspired by my father-in-law, who visited for a month last summer. At 85, he is amazing in terms of his health and fitness, and did a lot of painting and gardening. He was tough to keep up with. I started thinking that I want to be like him at that age, and need to start now.

I knew that 15 years ago I lost a lot of weight and got back into shape using a West Hills Trainer, so that's where I started. Lauren Peterson has been the perfect trainer for me. I have a hard time making myself work hard, but I can do it with a trainer. If I have an appointment, I can get myself to West Hills, and once there Lauren can get me to work hard. I started slowly at first, just a little walk/run before training. But as I lost weight and got into better shape, I have increased to running 1.5 miles before training, and this summer added bike riding and golfing, plus some working out at home. Tracking my food and gradually reducing my eating, including making better choices, has completed the plan. In one year I have lost 35 lb. and feel much better. I think you have to take the long term view and slowly change your lifestyle. Nothing about this is quick or easy.

I can't say enough about Lauren. She entertains me during my training sessions and always has something different planned. If I have an issue, like a pain in my shoulder, she adjusts the workout to help with the problem. Maybe most importantly, she is there to cheer me on and celebrate my success. I know that she cares, and that helps tremendously.

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