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Kolby—Another success story with Biometrics!

Kobly is the latest person to talk with Tyler about her experience with West Hill's Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness system.

"Overall, I loved the program and was very succesful on it. And I would encourage anyone that is looking into it to go for it!" Kolby said. She was looking for a program because she felt like she didn't have any energy, her pants wouldn't fit and would be out-of-breath just bending over to tie her shoe. She knew she had to find something to do. She liked the fact the the Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness combines the healthy eating with the personal training. Her personal trainer was Mike Wolf and she met with him three times a week for 30 minutes. He taught her how to use the machine in a correct matter and admitts that she had been using them incorrectly for quite a while.

She also she didn't have any complaint with the food portion of the program. A huge list of options were given so she could eat what she wanted and what she liked. "The recipes were good!" Kolby stated. It was normal food that she ate. And the snacks were wonderful.

"My clothes fit better. I actually see my waist again." she exclaims! But best of all she feels better.

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