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Kerry talks about her experience with Biometrics

Kerry completed West Hills Athletic Club's Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness Program. She sat down with her trainer to talk about her experience.

Kerry learned about the Biometrics program through a friend and decided to look into what it entailed. "I am so happy I did," Kerry stated. She went on to say that she was amazed by her results and can't believe how active she is the fact that she looks forward to exercising. Exercise has now become a part of her daily life.

With Biometrics, she has been able to pump the breaks and reset her eating patterns. The program taught her portion control and that what you put in your body is so important to fuel your body. "I can't believe the amount of weight that I lost—the inches that I lost." "I was in such crappy shape when I first came here, and now I am much more confident and a happier person." Kerry would encourage anyone to try the program. She said it wasn't easy, but it was completely and totally worth your effort. "The results on the other end of it are completely worth it!"

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