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Jacob's experience with Biometrics

Tyler Norman sat down with West Hill's member Jacob to talk about his experience with Biometrics Nutrition & Fitness program. In six weeks Jacob lost 20lbs on Biometrics. Jacob stated, "I came in with no expectations and left very happy." "I had tried a lot of different things and nothing had worked because I hadn't tried the two components together, exercise and healthy eating." Jacob is down four belt notches and lost 20 inches in total circumference measurements when you add them all together.

The workouts went great. Jacob met with his trainer, Dave, three times a week at six a.m. in the morning. "It's got me on a more regular scheduled routine throughout my week.
"It's been better for my overall mental health not just my physical health."

"Success doesn't mean two successful sets, success means showing up and putting in the hard work and being tired when you get out."

Listen to his full testimonial below.

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