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Gary has had tremedous success on Biometrics.

West Hills members are having tremendous success using our Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness programs! Gary is our latest member to share his story with us.

Tyler Norman sat down with Gary to talk about his experience. Gary has been a member of West Hills for three years and found that the old methods he had been using for years weren't giving him the success and strength gains he wanted. That is when his trainer, Angela, asked him if he had ever tried West Hill's Biometrics Program.

Gary decided to learn more about this strength training and fat loss program. After hearing more about the program, he decided to give it a try. Gary and Tyler customize the meal plan to best suit his needs. Six weeks later, Gary reports, "I've seen extraordinary results!"

Gary is an avid cyclist, both mountain and street bikes. He said, "…the strength portion of it, building of the muscles made an immediate impact in my riding." The program gave him endurance which has helped him achieve greater seat time with very little training, which he refers to as a NSVs (non-scale victory). Confidence, the way you feel, the energy gained, the quality of sleep are other NSVs of this program. He says weight loss is an added benefit of the program. "Actually, I think I've moved in four belt loops which is amazing." He went from working out two times a week for an hour to three times a week for only a half-hour with better results. "This is the most effective program that I've done—improvements in the way I eat and workout." "I would strongly recommend this to anybody that wants to change or transform how they feel and how they look," Gary said. He also mentioned that he was glad that this wasn't pitched to him as a weight loss program. It's more than that even though he lost 20+ inches in overall circumference. "The more unhealthy you get, the less you do… you can reverse that cycle, and Biometrics has done that for me—it changed how I live my life and is something I can sustain."

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