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Fitness Floor Renovations

Fitness floor transformation has begun. Now through Sept. 30.

Take a look at the progress

We are excited to announce the changes that will take place in the upcoming weeks!

The world of fitness is evolving, and West Hills Athletic Club is committed to staying up-to-date with the demands and trends of the industry. Beginning Monday, Sept. 12, the fitness floor will begin to undergo a transformation—we are moving beyond the classic weights and machines you're already familiar with and adding exciting new fitness areas and equipment. Our goal is to create a more open and efficient space, address our growing needs and ensure your success far into the future.

Here's what you can expect!

  • Removal of the stage currently holds the cardio equipment. Thus eliminating the tripping hazard of the raised floor and creating a more efficient use of space.
  • Cardio equipment will rotate and face the south wall with the addition of (six) 75” TV’s. We are not replacing or adding to the cardio equipment offerings.
  • Installation of new flooring in the cardio area to match current flooring in the weight room.
  • Removal of cabinetry and all walls that separate the cardio area from the training area.
  • Removal of Keiser circuit including ½ walls.
  • Install a 2000 sq. foot TURF AREA equipped with all new equipment to accommodate functional/HITT style training, group training, sports-specific training, and more.
  • New equipment for turf area includes kettlebells, medicine balls, wall balls, plyo boxes, torque tank, push sled, sound deadening deadlift platform, two power racks by Dynamic and connector bar for suspension training, dumbbells, storage racks, TRX bands, bumper plates and weight benches.
  • New equipment for the turf area is IN ADDITION to what we currently have.
  • Designated stretching area.

New equipment:

  • Hoist ab machine (replaces Nautilus ab machine)
  • Power squat (replaces the perfect squat and doubles as a Hack Squat)
  • Nautilus four stack—replaces low row, pulldown, and two cable stacks
  • 3 tier 15 pair dumbbell racks—replace two tier 10 pair dumbbell racks
  • Nautilus smith machine—replace Magnum smith machine
  • Nautilus Human Sport Freedom Trainer—cable-based system for total body training
  • Two back extension bench
  • Belt squat—squat movement without axial loading of the spine.

Fitness areas affected

Fitness center

The fitness center will not be accessible for three weeks during the renovation.

Alternate workout areas:

We will have adequate equipment in these areas to accommodate your workout needs.

  • Group fitness studio (cycling studio)—lower level, north side
  • Yoga studio—fitness center level down the hall from the Pilates studio.
  • Court 7
  • Area surrounding the track

Cycling studio

Cycling studio will be a temporary workout space. All cycling classes will be canceled throughout the renovation. Keiser bikes will be available for use. Check out the group fitness schedule for other options. 

Areas not affected

Pilates Reformer, group fitness classes (other than cycling), small group training, personal training tennis/pickleball, and kids club will run as usual.

We thank you for your support and flexibility. We understand there is a level of inconvenience, but the alternate workout areas will allow you to continue your routine throughout the renovation. There will be fitness staff on hand to help navigate through this time.


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