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Frequently Asked Questions

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Set up your member account online. You will then be able to change bank information or credit card information, plus view all transactions.

In order to maintain an active membership, all of our memberships must have an account from which we can draft your monthly membership dues. If you do not want your dues to debit from the account we have on file, you can make payments at West Hills Athletic Club for the next month’s dues by the last day of the current month. Example: If you don't want your checking account debited or your credit card charged for the Aug. 1 dues, make your payment at the club by July 31.

If you are the lead or primary member you can add members at any time throughout your membership. You can drop members if you have completed the initial agreement period. To add/drop members contact a membership advisor at (269) 387-0410 or email. You will need to sign a form for the add/drop to take effect.


You can request a cancellation of your membership using the

Online membership cancellation form

You can request a suspension of your membership using the

Online membership suspension form

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