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We have been working hard to welcome you back safely and now we need your help! West Hills appreciates members' and guests' adherence to the following safety precautions during their visits. Let's stay safe together!

General information

Do not enter the building if you are sick or have knowingly been exposed to someone with COVID-19. It is of the utmost importance we all follow this simple guideline to help keep West Hills a safe zone. Please review the CDC signs and symptoms and if you have been experiencing any of these please don’t enter the building. (link to signs and symptoms)

  • Please use a hand sanitizer located at the entry point prior to checking in.
  • Please wear a mask to and from your activity and in non-workout areas such as lounge, bathrooms, locker rooms. Masks are not required during exercise.


(Required for contact tracing)

  • All members must scan their membership card. If you forgot your card please stop by the front desk and check-in. You can also download our app, Netpulse, for a scan code on your phone.
  • All guests must be registered in a program and have a complete profile on file. Upon entering check-in at the front desk to verify your information.
  • Practice social distancing at all times. Please stay six feet apart. While waiting for service at the front desk look for the x’s on the floor extending into the lounge area.
  • Bring your own sweat towels and water. Bottle filler stations will be available. The drinking fountain portion will not be available.
  • Disinfectant bottles are available at the front desk for your personal use throughout your workout. Please return to the front desk to the designated bin upon departure.


  • All members and guests must sign out. There will be a checkout station located at the exit. Please legibly print your name and time of departure. Disinfected pens will be provided.

Specific area information

silouhette of person on treadmill

Fitness center

  • Practice social distancing at all times.
  • Disinfect equipment before and after your use. If you forget you might get a friendly reminder from the fitness staff.
  • Complete all sets/reps before moving to another piece of equipment. We know this will be a big adjustment but if we all work together it will work!
  • To reduce high touch areas remotes have been removed. If you would like the channel changed please seek out floor captain wearing a green armband.
  • The equipment has been moved to half of court 7 and court 8 to allow for social distancing. Pleases clean equipment before and after use.
  • Half of court 7 and 8 has been set up for small group training and is marked. This area is reserved for classes only.
silhouette of people exercising

Group fitness

  • Due to social distancing class size is limited. All classes require registration on our free MyZone app. (link to MyZone app?) No exceptions. Please check in with your instructor at the beginning of class.
  • While waiting for class please social distance and wear masks until the class begins.
  • Use hand sanitizer prior to entering the studio.
  • The studio floor is marked for social distancing. Please pick your square and stay within that area throughout the class.
  • Please take and return equipment from the rack/area labeled for your class.
  • Disinfect all equipment before and after use.
  • Exit outside the door.
  • Do not move bikes. They have been placed strategically for social distancing. Disinfect before and after use.
 silouhette of person sitting on the ground crisscrossed

Small group training

  • Court 7 has been marked for social distancing.
  • Please work within your designated space.
  • Clean equipment before and after use.
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Tennis and pickleball

  • Wear masks to and from the court.
  • Hand sanitizer located at the bottom of the stairs before entering the court corridor.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • No handshaking at the end of matches.
  • Drinking fountain in the court corridor will not be available.
silouhette of someone on a pilates machine


  • Wear masks to and from class.
  • While waiting for class maintain social distancing.
  • Use only designated reformers.
  • Socks must be worn during class.
  • Disinfect equipment before and after use.
Silouhette of a locker

Bathrooms and lockerrooms

  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Masks should be worn in this area.
  • Please do not try to use showers until they are reopened.
  • Lockers and the changing areas will be accessible.
  • Disinfect high touch area on locker before and after use.
  • Lounge bathrooms limited to two people. Please wait outside the bathroom if at capacity.
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  • Unless you are from the same household a limit of two chairs per table for social distancing.
  • Tables have been set up for social distancing. Please do not move.
  • One person in the kitchen area at a time.
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Pro Shop

Limited staffing hours. Purchases can be made at the front desk.

  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Wear masks.

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