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Biometrics: Evelyn 1 year later

West Hill’s Tyler Norman sat down with member Evelyn a year after completing the Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness program to get her reflections on the program.

Evelyn did the six-week Biometrics program with her two good friends, Shanta and Toni. She summarizes the experience as engaging, energizing, enjoyable and effective. The structure of the program and the guidance of Personal Trainer Dave Arrasmith lent themselves to the results that Tyler had promised. Dave was very focused with the group regarding the strength training portion of the system. He educated and gave guidance to ensure proper technique to avoid injury along with the benefits of the strength training portion of the program. “I, personally, didn’t realize how strong I became over time. So, just being able to lift more and more weight over time was actually pretty amazing.” Evelyn said. Throughout the program, she doubled her lower body strength and increased her upper by 85% in six weeks.

The meal plan was comprehensive. It gave you options on what to eat, a list of what you shouldn't eat, alternatives in case you didn’t like something, along with the recipes to make the meal. “I realized that there was a lot of eating associated with this system, so, I was never hungry. I felt like at times that this was too much eating.” The water consumption was also more than what Evelyn usually drank. She could tell that it was very beneficial and made a difference. “Yeah, you just feel lighter and fresher!”

A year later, Evelyn is still using the techniques she learned in the Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness program to maintain the goals she has for her body composition. “That is what has been amazing about it!” She concludes by saying, “It is a great system. If you do the work, you get the results."


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