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Debbie is thrilled and just feels better!

Debbi and Personal Trainer Chanda standing next to each other in the weight roomDebbie and her friend Kathy completed West Hills' Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness six-week program. Their trainer, Chanda Curtis, had an opportunity to talk with Debbie about her experience with the program.

When asked why she decided to try Biometrics, Debbi replied that she had been a member for a long time but shied away from working out during COVID. “First of all, I was at home during COVID, and I was just getting really sluggish. I have five grandkids, and I couldn’t go to their games, and my work was mostly at home, (and so you’re was buying sweatpants) … I said ‘Okay, I gotta do something!’” That is when she decided to look into the Biometrics Nutritional and Fitness program. “Over the years, I have done stuff where you just did foodstuff, and I did exercise stuff—Biometrics is both. It has all the food that you want to eat and all the recipes that they give you for six weeks—which you can use for a lifetime.” ”It also has an exercising program that comes with it… using the weight strengthening machines.” “It is the food and the exercise that makes this work.” “For me, it has worked well, and I am thrilled.”

Debbie and Kathy teamed up together to complete the six-week plan. Together they kept each other motivated and accountable—they both had great results. Debbie said, besides the weight loss, she lost inches, she is back to wearing jeans, and she just feels better!

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