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Regina's Experience with Biometrics

Personal Trainer Tyler Norman sat down with member Regina to talk about her experience with West Hill's six-week Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness Program. According to Tyler, the whole premise of Biometrics is to stimulate the body's metabolism to transform it into an efficient calorie-burning machine—protecting and building muscles to ensure all the weight loss comes from the form of fat loss. Regina said, "I ended up losing 15lbs but more importantly, I think for me, was not only the loss in weight, but I wanted to make sure I was taking care of my muscles." Many men and women of a certain age feel it is too late to do anything, but Regina is an example that age is a misconception. "I have found my body is more flexible. I have less aches and pain... it's just amazing!" she exclaims.

Regina has become a walking billboard for the Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness program. She said that there were four main components to the program.

  1. Water—she had been drinking 50% less water than she should
  2. Portion sizes
  3. Meal program—recipes and shopping list made it easy
  4. Muscles and strength

"I've learned so much more about reading labels...It was great because you (Tyler) through with me to select the foods I would like," she commented. She also said, "I would encourage people to go through and become a part of the program. It will pay you back 10-fold!"

After completing her video testimonial she went on to add, "Six weeks after completing the West Hills Biometrics program, I am even more grateful that I signed up for this program! Continuing to follow its nutrition and weight training principles, my rewards are a loss of an additional 10 pounds and, more importantly, for my age, treating my bone density reduction, on my non-dominant side, BEFORE any bone fractures! The health of our body's internal core system is as important as the more observable exterior!"

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