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Biometrics Biggest Success to Date

Tyler Norman sat down with Chris and West Hills Personal Trainer Drew to celebrate Chris' success in the Biometric Nutrition and Fitness program. Chris' Biometrics results move him into the number one spot with the greatest success to date on the program!

Chris came into West Hills looking for something to help as he had done many diets but kept gaining weight. "I was tired of it," Chris explains. Chris met Tyler and got him pumped about trying the Biometrics program. Chris teamed with Drew as his trainer. Drew taught him how to lift and supported him through the program. He said, "Without that accountability in coming in and seeing Drew on regular bases, I wouldn't have gotten to where I got."

"The meal plan was fantastic!" Chris said. The meal was written out weekly and explained exactly what you needed to buy, what you needed to make, and how much to eat. He followed the plan and had tremendous results. Listen to his whole testimony below.

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