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Adult Tennis

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Adult USTA Team Drills

USTA Team Drills are specifically tailored to the respective team and players at this level. At each practice a theme will be discussed and worked directly into drills and play situations.

Singles Drill

A clinic for the player specializing in court positioning and shot selection for singles.

Adult Intro Level 1

This one hour beginner class is for those who have never played tennis before. Players will be introduced to ground strokes, volleys, serves, overheads and court positioning for singles and doubles. We offer this course at an introductory price to encourage adults to get involved with a sport that offers a lifetime of enjoyment, fun, exercise and great friends.

Adult Intro Level 2

If you’ve completed Level 1, or if you have played the game in the past and are looking to get started again, then Level 2 is your next stop. This 1.5 hour class will review and practice the shots covered in the Level 1 class with emphasis placed more on singles and doubles competition.

Adult Intro Level 3

Geared for the intermediate (2.5) level player. emphasis is placed on point play, court positioning for singles and doubles and shot selection.

Doubles 101

A clinic for the 2.5-3.5 level player specializing in court positioning and shot selection for doubles.

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