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Kalamazoo Tactical Training

Train to serve. Train to protect. Train to perform.

What is KA-TAC

KA-TAC stands for Kalamazoo Tactical Training. It is a comprehensive tactical training program at West Hills Athletic Club. It will not only make you stronger, quicker and more agile, but it will also give you the confidence you need to get the job done.

Who would benefit from KA-TAC?

Anyone who is in a physically demanding occupation can benefit from KA-TAC. However, KA-TAC is specifically geared toward emergency responders such as law enforcement, fire and rescue, military, and other emergency personnel.

Why should emergency responders enroll in KA-TAC?

As an individual is a high risk occupation, you never know what situation you are going to face. Various physical assets may be required not only to succeed, but also to survive. It is critical to have the strength, endurance, mobility, and speed to get through real life emergencies. KA-TAC is specifically designed through duty-specific workouts to improve job related performance, promote wellness, and decrease risk of injury.

Spring Session:


Areas of focus will include:

  1. Operational readiness
  2. Fitness assessments
  3. Aerobic and anaerobic endurance and strength
  4. Mobility and stability and flexibility
  5. Occupational-related exercise programming
  6. Speed and agility
  7. Power and Plyometric training
  8. Balance, coordination and proprioception

Current training days/times:

Times vary. Contact Dre for current days/times.

You are able to switch training days week to week depending on your schedule. You must just give the trainer 48 hours notice if you are switching days.


$160 for ten, 1 hour classes.

Contact Dre Ballines at 387-0410 or andres.ballines@wmich.edu to enroll. You may enroll at any time during the session.

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