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Congratulations to Mike West! Mike is the West Hills' 2017 Biggest Loser!

Mike lost 36 pounds in 10 weeks and 17% of his body weight. Awesome job Mike!

Congratulations to the Blue Team who was the team winner this year!

The Blue Team was trained by Dre Ballines and Scott Corley. They had 3 of the top five finishers on their team. The blue team biggest losers averaged a 20 lb weight loss.

1st place- Mike West (blue team)

2nd place-Dave Jarl (blue team)

3rd place-Ashley Arndt (orange team)

4th place-Amy Caranci (yellow team)

5th place-Dori Kunkle (blue team)

Who will be the 2018 West Hills' Biggest Loser? Maybe you!

Info on next year's contest will be posted in December 2017.

Thank you to our 2017 Biggest Loser Sponsors!

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